Saturday, March 29, 2008

Daughters of the Revolution ... Mothers of the Republic

We, as American women, are all Daughters of the Revolution. Yes, proven blood line or not, this is our birthright. Lineage intact or unknown, this is our heritage. The extraordinary women of the American Revolution are unquestionably our Founding Mothers and so, in turn, we are their daughters ... generation after generation ... of the Revolution.

And just as we are daughters and mothers in life, we also carry both titles in the continued quest for Liberty. As the American Revolution saw the birth of a nation and gave way to the growth of a newly formed Republic, the women of that great time in history gave birth to new ideas and teachings which educated and encouraged a new generation of young Patriots. Women organized such movements as the Daughters of Liberty and the Republican Motherhood to instill in their children, not only the Founders’ vision, but the tools to become an educated, responsible electorate and citizenry.

The brave and eloquent women of our history have laid the groundwork for today’s outspoken female patriots and patriots yet to come. From Abigal Adams and Mercy Otis Warren to Dr. Mary Ruwart, Wendy McElroy and Claire Wolfe - American women have moved through the ages while writing, teaching, advocating and practicing liberty.

Just as our Founding Mothers joined forces and organized movements, women today - as daughters and mothers - are still carrying the message of freedom and responsibility, still protecting our Republic.

From coast to coast, women are flying the banner of "eternal vigilance" - under different names and in different styles - but the banner continues to fly high none-the-less. From our nation’s western boundaries hail such advocates for liberty as Mothers Against the Draft, the Association of Libertarian Feminists, and the Liberty Belles. From the heartland springs our Mothers for Liberty and The Mothers Institute and from the east we find the Liberty Ladies and the Free Staters.

Across this nation, women’s activism and accomplishments are furthering the cause of liberty, and sharing the Founding Mothers’ call to "protect and defend" our nation’s original message of Independence. Whether it be on a national or local scene, women like Sharon Harris, president of Advocates for Self-Government; Elaine Badnarik, mother of Libertarian Presidential Candidate Michael Badnarik and a candidate for Lt. Governor herself, or Debbie Hopper, founder of Mothers Against the Draft, women continue to reach out with the essential good news of liberty - and we as Daughters of the Revolution and as Mothers of the Republic are charged with doing the same.

How well we fulfill that charge, and by what means, is both fodder and inspiration for our new non-profit organization, The Mothers Institute, and its grassroots effort via the many Mothers for Liberty Meetup Groups that are now springing up throughout the United States.

We - Daughters of the Revolution and Mothers of the Republic - can and must make a difference ... for ourselves, our children, and our nation!

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