Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thoughts on Stay-at-home-Mothering vs Daycare

The debate between stay-at-home-mothering vs daycare can sometimes get ugly but these thoughts have been rolling around in my head for some time now ... so here goes.

"I do not believe that all woman should stay home and have babies, but I am firmly convinced that all mothers should stay home and raise their children."

Now before I continue (or find some folks up in arms about the impracticality of my statement) let me also say this: I realize there are always exceptions to every rule. Some circumstances which would affect a mom's stay-at-home option might include: divorce, single parenting issues, mental and/or physical illness, finances, etc...But for lack of a set of circumstances beyond a mom's control, I do believe a mother's place is with her children. And if not possible at any one given moment in time, that should be the ultimate goal. And not just for the children, mind you, FOR THE MOTHER as well!

Mothering is a wonderful experience and I know I am certainly a better person for having dedicated my time and energy to full time parenting. Not only did my kids always know (as Doctor Phil says ;-) that their home was "a safe place to fall" - but as their mother in this process, I reaped the benefits (then and now) of a uniquely close and enduring relationship with my sons.

BTW, in a libertarian world, with no income tax, it would be much more do-able financially for moms to stay-at-home. :-)

Just a thought ... and as always, comments are appreciated.