Monday, January 12, 2009

Mondays with Mothers for Liberty

"Mondays with Mothers for Liberty" is a weekly Live Chat (via our keyboards) with moms across the country who are interested in the philosophy and practice of individual freedom and personal responsibility.

These brainstorming sessions offer like-minded moms a chance to share thoughts and build off each other's ideas and efforts.

To participate in these Live Chats, moms will need to be a member of our Mothers for Liberty National Group. To join, simply visit CafeMom at: Type the words "Mothers for Liberty National" in the search bar. This will take you to the group's homepage where a link is provided to register at CafeMom so you may join the group. If you are already a member of CafeMom, simply click on the following link:

Looking forward to tonight's chat (Monday, January 12th at 8pm Central!)


RazingWrong said...

I really look forward to the Mondays with Mothers for Liberty live chats! We have the best time sharing ideas about how to make things better for the group and what we can do next to build it bigger. I'm always sorry to see the chat end and I always look forward to the next. Please do come and join us!

Mom1 said...

I thought last night's Live Chat was particularly productive ... and fun!

Looking forward to seeing how our Mothers Institute Coloring Contest goes ...

Also looking forward to the possibility of having our creative members offer their handcrafted items for sale via the Mothers Institute website.

I'm always pleased to see how brainstorming with a small group of dedicated moms can produce such BIG results!