Monday, August 3, 2009

Our Mothers Institute Forum

In an effort to make The Mothers Institute a more "hands on" resource for moms and families, we have created our own MI Forum/Discussion Board for sharing information, experiences, and a general Q and A for Radical Responsible Mothering.

We currently have a wide range of topics being discussed which include:

* Pregnancy and Birth
* Mothering/Parenting
* Homeschooling/Unschooling
* Schools: Private, Charter and Public
* Children's Books, Magazines and Websites
* Health and Wellness
* Gardening/Homesteading/Self-Sufficiency
* Hobbies/Talents
* Recipes (from A-Z)
* Mothers for Liberty Meetup Group Activities
* Politics - Local, State and National
* The Mothers Institute Book Club
* General information and news about The Mothers Institute
* And More!

Our forum is open to mothers (and others) and is a great place to converse with like minded moms who support the time honored traditions of reason, logic, creativity, civility, discourse, debate and dissent.

Come join the conversation at:


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