Monday, January 18, 2010

Mothers Institute Days of the Week Themes

Mothers Institute Days of the Week Themes

Our goal in creating our MI Days of the Week themes and correlating action items is twofold, to be 1) direction defining and 2) action producing -- thus suggesting a general day-by-day focus for families which promotes thoughtful and heartfelt activities, helping to identify goals and accomplish tasks pertinent to individual families needs and desires.

Serendipity Sunday: A day for appreciating the Serendipitous nature of Motherhood and the wonder of accidentally discovering something fortunate, while looking for/expecting something entirely unrelated.

Mothers Institute Monday
: A day for participating in Mothers Institute activities. Reserve some time on Mothers Institute Monday for posting updates and info on Mothers Institute Moms (MIM). Promote MIM via social networking sites, and to friends, family and our communities IRL. PLUS remember to enjoy the company of other Mothers Institute Moms during our weekly online chats at 8pm Central.

Teaching Tuesday
: A day for educating ourselves, our children and others on what it means to practice Radical Responsible Mothering.

Weeding Wednesday
: A day for weeding out material and/or mental clutter -- whether it be weeding the garden or weeding out unproductive thoughts and behaviors that get in the way of living the life we want.

Thrifty Thursday
: A day for actively working to reduce our bills/debt and sharing a time/money saving tip with friends and family.

Family Friday
: A day for spending significant quality time with our family members ... creating cherished moments and memories.

Seeding Saturday: A day for planting seeds as a compliment to Weeding Wednesday -- whether those seeds be sown to grow food … or food for thought.

Note: MI Days of the Week themes are copyrighted material

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