Monday, April 28, 2008

Time Capsule for Liberty

The Mothers Institute Suggests Creating a Family “Time Capsule for Liberty”

Many families enjoy such hobbies as scrapbooking, photojournaling, crafting and more. Telling stories of our lives, preserving memories, and recording the significant events of our time is often uniquely accomplished by these talents and techniques. The Mothers Institute is encouraging moms across the country to consider using these talents in the creation of their own family “Time Capsule for Liberty”.

Knowing many of the ways families promote and practice the concepts of liberty in their homes, neighborhoods, and communities, the items produced for/included in such a time capsule would, no doubt, be inspiring! “Letters to the Editor”, family photos taken at community protests/political rallies, photos of children undertaking a free market project, campaign buttons from a respected candidate, artwork and stories children create with liberty as their theme – this list is endless!

And getting the whole family involved in such a project can be great fun!

The Mothers Institute would also like to hear from moms with more suggestions for time capsule content and would enjoy receiving photos of time capsules as well!

Simply send your Family's "Time Capsule for Liberty" suggestions and photos to The Mothers Institute via the website's Subscribe/Contact page at:


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