Monday, April 28, 2008

"Bake Back America"

I love the phrase AND the concept, Bake Back America! I first heard it used by a friend of mine, Debbie Hopper, who is the founder of Mothers Against the Draft.

During our conversation, we discussed how generations of moms have been successful in promoting and funding causes they believe in with tried and true methods such as bake sales ... and rather than reinventing the wheel, we moms with causes today might want to return to those same tried and true methods.

And since many moms share the desire to "Take Back America" ... take it back from the socialist, the fascists, and those in power who have conveniently forgotten the limitations of government set forth by the Constitution itself, combining the bake sale tradition with the goal of returning our country to its founding roots ... the name "Bake Back America" seemed like a perfect blend.

So ....

In the long tradition of American mothers and grandmothers, The Mothers Institute is planning a series of bake sales in an effort to bring public awareness to the organization and to serve as fundraisers for the Institute, the Mothers for Liberty Meetup Groups and community endeavors. In preparation for such upcoming events, MI is holding its first "Bake Back America" Recipe Contest and they are looking for YOUR best bread, cookie, cake, and pie recipes! The top three winning recipes will be posted on their website, distributed to the Mothers for Liberty Meetup Groups and baked all across America during the first Bake Back America Bake Sale (date to be announced). In addition, the first place winner will also receive a Mothers Institute Apron.
Individuals may submit up to three recipes. Submissions may be sent in via The Mothers Institute website by visiting the homepage, clicking the Subscribe-Contact page and typing your favorite recipe(s) into the Message box. Or you may go directly to the Contact page via this link: Submissions will be accepted through May 30, 2008

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