Friday, June 6, 2008

"Lucky Jones"

With Fathers Day approaching, my thoughts turn to my dad. Although he has been gone for nearly 12 years now, the man he was and the legacy he left live on in those who knew him ...

My dad’s given name was Harry Donald Jones. Grandma affectionately called him Harry Don, childhood friends called him Donnie, business associates knew him as Don, but it was my Aunt Kathryn who gave him a nickname that was an apt discription of his life ... Lucky Jones.

Yes, he was lucky alright ... lucky in school, sports, business, love and life. But it was my brother, Jeff, and I who were really the lucky ones ... after all, we got Dad for a father.

For over forty years we had him in our lives. He taught us to swim, bowl and drive. He taught us to make change, check our math and treat people with respect. He told us he loved us and showed us he loved us. Yes, we were the lucky ones.

He was a dedicated son, loving husband, talented photographer, WWII veteran, respected businessman, wonderful dad, attentive grandfather and an all around decent human being. He was never too busy to listen, never too tired to help and was always there for us. Yes, we were the lucky ones.

Looking back on Dad’s life, I think its safe to say that while Lucky Jones started out as just a nickname, it ended up being the legacy he left his children.

I guess you could say that makes us second generation Lucky Joneses. Not a bad legacy, to be sure.

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