Friday, July 11, 2008

"The Modern Mother of 1934" by Anna Roosevelt Dall

Truth and wisdom are true and wise no matter what the year!

The Modern Mother of 1934 as seen by Anna Roosevelt Dall...

The modern mother's great job is to bring up children who are brave, strong and adjustable to the changing world in which they live. That doesn't mean that these children can't be rebels; there is such a thing as being a well adjusted rebel.

If I had to put down a dictionary definition, I'd say a modern mother: Has a background of knowledge about child growth, physical, mental and emotional; has as her objective for her children their growth into self-reliant, independent men and women (yes, even independent of their mothers) ; has a friend-to-friend relationship with her children which includes all the characteristics of friendship - consideration, respect, confidence, and good manners; teacher her children the fundamental qualities of honesty, truthfulness, kindness, and tolerance by self-example instead of constant preaching ...

You aren't suppose to be perfect, and you might be very dull if you were. There's nothing worse than the mother who takes herself too seriously. Mistakes, and even the admission of mistakes, are to be expected! ... But mothers, like depressions and measles, can and do improve!
~ Anna Roosevelt Dall

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