Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Suffragettes, The 19th Amendment and Women Today!

On August 18, 1920, the 19th Amendment was ratified giving women the right to vote. The Suffragettes worked tirelessly - against what must have seemed like insurmountable odds at times - to ensure we women would have a voice in our own government.
To the young first time female voter of today, voting in the upcoming election may seem like the natural order of things ... but in the history of our nation, it is a relatively new occurrence for the female population to be able to walk into that voting booth and cast our vote for the candidate of our choice.

Without question, this August 18th, we should take a minute to remember the Suffragettes and how their dedication to such a worthy cause changed the political landscape - not only in their time, but for all time! To honor the legacy of these brave women, it is incumbent upon women today to continue the practice of an informed citizenry and educated electorate - which requires more than just casting a vote, but becoming an informed voter!

This November women should go to the polls with a working knowledge of our founding documents as well as an understanding of the candidates' platforms and voting records to proudly cast an informed vote while remembering the Suffragettes who made the opportunity possible!

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RazingWrong said...

Remember the Sacrifice of the Suffragettes and Supporters

One of the most controversial elections in our U.S. history is coming in November and August 18, 2008 is the 88th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th ammendment, allowing women the right to vote.
This was a long and difficult struggle for women in history. The women who came before us sacrificed more than we in this modern day could possibly imagine. These ladies who participated in the suffrage movement, laid the groundwork that allows us to make our voices heard in big way.
Most of the women of today know about Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Stanton and other famous women. What they also need to keep in mind, are the women and men who followed these fine Ladies in establishing many of the personal freedom we take for granted today.
There was a time when women could not own property of any kind. We couldn't own a car or a house. We were not permitted to keep custody of our children.We were not allowed to have a job outside of the home. When we were finally permitted to have a select few job positions outside of the home, we only made a fraction of the wages a man in the same position would earn. Women's Suffrage helped to change all that and much, much more.
I am compelled to write this letter to the Editor as a friendly reminder to all, to never forget where we came from. Always, excercise your right to be heard. Please, don't let what we have struggled so hard for, come undone. Whether you are Democrat, Independent, Libertarian or Republican. Do the right thing-
Make your voice heard... VOTE.