Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Participative Leadership

What's Your Leadership Style?

Psychologist Kurt Lewin identified three major leadership styles. Learn which best describes your leadership style in this 18 question quiz at:

My results indicate that my leadership style is predominately: Participative

Participative Leadership ...
Participative leaders accept input from one or more group members when making decisions and solving problems, but the leader retains the final say when choices are made. Group members tend to be encouraged and motivated by this style of leadership. This style of leadership often leads to more effective and accurate decisions, since no leader can be an expert in all areas. Input from group members with specialized knowledge and expertise creates a more complete basis for decision-making.


Ruby said...

ohh, I didn't realize I was supposed to leave a message here.... but here it is.
I would love to do more to help, but with other things going on in my life right now I don't think I can start a group here right now. :D I'm all about participating when I can though.

Anonymous said...

I took the quiz and got the same results as you did Jan! Cool! :)

Amy said...

Apparently, I'm good at delegating AND participating. LOL