Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To a Homemaker

To a Homemaker

Sweetness and soul,
We find joy in your gentle ways.
You nurture all of us: the dog, the bird,
The plants, and people - lucky ones you love;
You're caring, ever caring, here - and far
Where letters send your light to sunny up
A burdened life.
With fierce protective eye
You scan afar for threat to those God gave
You vigil o'er.
From morn to night you work:
You cook, you wash, you sew, you clean, you shop.
What for?
Why just to make a home
For us who come - and go.
You suffer little leavings every day
And bravely bear the pain and think of ways
To make homecomings glad and good, and build
Us strong again.
You cook. Oh, how you cook!
Not as some other women cook, with weariness,
Complaint: "So many years, so many dinnertimes.
"No, you cook like God would cook, I think.
Each meal's a miracle.
Dried beans and rice
Become gourmet for you.
But more than that,
Each meal's a feast of love
Turned into bread and drink.
We humbly take.
There is no way to honor you enough.

by Carla Emery


Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

What a sweet, inspiring blog, glad I stopped by!

homemakerchronicles said...

It's good to feel needed!!! This poem is beautiful. Mind if I post it or a link to your site on my blog? www.homemakerchronicles.com

Mom1 said...

Nice to have visitors drop by and comment :-) Feel free to add "To a Homemaker" to your blog - giving the author (who btw is not me) credit for her work.